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Jacob’s Story

Jacob has had issues since he was born and after a fight with doctors and paediatricians we was finally diagnosed with CMPA at 4 months. We tried some different milks, aptamil pepti he still reacted to that and nutramigen set his reflux off quite badly so we […]

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About Us

Who are we?

Allergy Buddies are custom made products to alert everyone of a child’s allergy or intolerance.


Ever had an instance at a crèche, party, play-gym where someone has given your child something that made them ill? Yes me too. I’m sure like me you want to keep your child safe and that is where Allergy Buddies comes in. My little chap is so far intolerant to diary, eggs and we think citric acid as well as hayfever of every description and pet allergies. So I decided to create a brand that would allow a child’s allergy/intolerance to be easily identified by any carer, teacher and other parents and to help prevent those dreaded slips.