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New Rucksack

Last weekend I launched our new rucksack and I cannot believe the reaction to it! You simply love it. I must admit I do too and loving using Mini Buddies. They come in Red, Green, Blue, Pink and Black and can be personalised to suit your needs. […]

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Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Eosinophilic esophagitis, also known as EE or EoE, is an allergic inflammatory disease and a chronic disorder. People of all ages can be affected by eosinophilic esophagitis, with symptoms that may vary by age and individual differences. Those who suffer from eosinophilic esophagitis have a large number of […]

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Hayley, Katelyn and Ava’s Story

Sharing you stories – Allergy Awareness Week 2014…continued Hayley is mum to Katelyn whos 2 and Ava who’s 6 months. Both her girls have allergies and here is their story. Katelyn was first ‘diagnosed’ at 4 months old after months of restless sleep, projectile vomit, head to […]

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Angela’s Story

Sharing your stories – continuing with Allergy Awareness Week 2014 Angela is one of our most active members within our support group and had been a huge help to fellow allergy mums, including myself. Like most of us allergy mums her story is still very raw to […]

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Jolene’s Story

Sharing your stories – Allergy Awareness Week 2014 Alot of my regular followers will probably know about the fabulous CMPA Support and all the fabulous work that they do. You may or not know the person behind this charity is Jolene. She has 2 children, Oscar her son, is […]

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Stephanie & Jasmines Story

Sharing your stories – Allergy Awareness Week 2014 Stephanie is mum to 2 children, Jalen age 5 and Jasmine age 4.  She has kindly shared her story with me to share with you all as she wants people in the same situation as herself to know they […]

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Nia’s Story

Sharing your stories – Allergy Awareness Week 2014 Nia is a young woman who suffers from anaphylaxis, rhinitis, seasonal asthma, bile reflux, seasonal eczema and some other things. To find out how she came to suffer from all the above read Nia’s Story You can follow Nia on Twitter ; @Chubbania Blog ; Carrots […]

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Our Story

Sharing your stories – Allergy Awareness Week 2014 If you are reading this you will know about Allergy Buddies well this is our own personal story I am Sarah and mum to 3 year old Riley and we live in West Yorkshire with daddy, Sean. Riley is […]

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Sarah’s Story

Sharing your stories – Allergy Awareness Week 2014 Sarah’s little boy Connor is now 14 months his problems started at birth. His allergies were diagnosed in August 2013 after almost 6 long months. Here is her story Connor was born on 15th February 2013, I was unable to […]

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Emma & The Twins plus another 2 story

Sharing Stories – Allergy Awareness Week 2014 Emma is mummy to 4 beautiful children. Her 2 eldest suffered from reflux since birth and so when pregnant with the twins she was expecting the same. However what happened next she could not have prepared for. Read Emma’s Story to find […]

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Allergy Buddies are custom made products to alert everyone of a child’s allergy or intolerance.


Ever had an instance at a crèche, party, play-gym where someone has given your child something that made them ill? Yes me too. I’m sure like me you want to keep your child safe and that is where Allergy Buddies comes in. My little chap is so far intolerant to diary, eggs and we think citric acid as well as hayfever of every description and pet allergies. So I decided to create a brand that would allow a child’s allergy/intolerance to be easily identified by any carer, teacher and other parents and to help prevent those dreaded slips.