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Hayley, Katelyn and Ava’s Story

Sharing you stories – Allergy Awareness Week 2014…continued

Hayley is mum to Katelyn whos 2 and Ava who’s 6 months. Both her girls have allergies and here is their story.

Katelyn was first ‘diagnosed’ at 4 months old after months of restless sleep, projectile vomit, head to toe rashes and a very un happy baby. We got changed to SMA LF milk and the problems still continued, another doctors trip and we got given nutramigen. 3 days of even worse problems and I went back to the GP and demanded neocate! I knew exactly what was wrong as Katelyns half brother had multiple allergies one been milk! After the struggle of getting neocate came the struggle of getting them to prescribe enough! Got referred through to paed and dietician. Saw the dietician just before 6 months and they signed us off as she was taking enough milk! Weaning started just after 6 months. Slowly introduced foods and found her symptoms come back with certain foods. She also still wasnt sleeping at night and has awful ear piercing cries from what I could only guess as tummy ache! By nearly a year old I had found out she couldn’t tolerate mango, ginger, milk, egg, fish and even potato! Still we had bad nights and she hated lying down. After countless GP trips I refused to believe my baby had colic! Just after a year old we got given ranitidine which helped alot. After picking up abit of food with egg in and going floppy and limp were she was rushed to hospital and swelling up after a milk trial we were given an epi pen. Reintroduction has seen us introduce ginger, mango, potato & white fish! Shes had her reflux meds changed and is now on omeprazole and been referred through to gastro as she still doesn’t sleep. Started waking through antihistamines with a light sedative in so there now willing to get down to the bottom of it.

Now lets talk about Ava! First bottle of milk she had she showed signs of allergy straight away with rashes on her face and body. The paed in hospital came to see us and they said it was milk spots. When she came home she still wasn’t right, vomitting, loose stools and rashes. I took her to the GP and straight away they looked at her face, the videos of her drinking milk and what happens and they diagnosed milk allergy at 2 months old! We were put on aptamil pepti which she seemed worse on so i took it upon myself to trial her on Katelyns neocate! She was a different baby, with this evidence the GP prescribed us it. She was a different child till the rashes started again and the constant wheeze and chesty cough. We were prescribed steroid cream to apply when she flares up. We have a flare up now at least a few times a day and with no creams and only been able to apply steroid cream once a day we are at a brick wall! Trying to wean and the everyday rashes & chest is hard as we can not tell whats what. She loves potato though 🙂 and the suspected rashes we all think are an allergy to dust mites. Waiting for the allergy specialist to see us and the GP wont prescribe antihistamines!

Hayley’s journey still continues on wit her girls – we wish you all the luck and support.


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