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Sarah’s Story

Sharing your stories – Allergy Awareness Week 2014

Sarah’s little boy Connor is now 14 months his problems started at birth. His allergies were diagnosed in August 2013 after almost 6 long months.

Here is her story

Connor was born on 15th February 2013, I was unable to breastfeed as I was on medication so Connor was on formula from the start. He would have explosive nappies several times a day where a full change of clothes were needed, his stools were very loose and he often had mucous in his nappy. He was very unhappy, spending alot of time crying and he would spit up alot. At one week I moved him from cow and gate to SMA but the problem did not solve over the next few weeks I tried different brands of comfort milk with no luck, he also broke out in a rash all over his face by eight weeks, he would scratch at it day and night and make it bleed, he was suffering.

I took a trip to the doctors where the nurse disgnosed eczema on his face and prescribed a cream and steroid cream, I suggested maybe he had a cows milk protein allergy and she gave the go ahead to try him on soya to see if it worked. This was a bad move, his eczema got worse after the first day of being on soya, it spread over his forehead and in his hair, I took him off it after five days when his symptoms were getting worse and not better. I was back and forth to the doctors about his eczema, trying different creams and bath oils, nothing worked. I asked one doctor for a referral to hospital as his face was being scratched to pieces, I knew he must be allergic to something! She told me they would not take any action until it started to scar, how can you leave a baby to scar? Unhappy with her advice I made another appointment for the following day to see a nurse, I was almost in tears and she asked me “what do you want me to do?” I was almost at breaking point! My baby boy was hurting and nobody was helping, she then suggested referring him to the hospital for allergy testing, I was over the moon that going back and forth to the doctors finally payed off.

We waited a month for our appointment. While we waited Connor was prescribed Piriton 2.5ml twice a day, this relieved his itching and let him sleep better at night as well as giving his face some time to heal. Connor was five months by the time his appointment came round. They carried out skin prick testing, they tested for 18 different allergens, whole egg and egg white came up straight away and he was left scratching himself to bits in the waiting room! We were called through to the dietician and we spoke about the results, Connor had only been on solids for two weeks and egg had never passed his lips so we knew it was not the egg that was causing his problems but the welts measured a total of 10mm for one and 12mm for the other so we had to avoid egg in future. After taking notes of his symptoms and history she decided to take him of dairy and soya and put him on Alimentum formula, also he was to avoid wheat as it made him very constipated. She explained that not all soya and dairy allergies show on a skin prick test especially in babies under one, and if his eczema cleared up after being dairy and soya free we have our answer. We were to return in six months time.

After a week of being on the formula he was throwing up alot, it was embarrassing to take him out as he threw up wherever we went! I rang up the dietician who decided to take him off Alimentum and switch him to Nutramigen, this agreed with him alot more, within a week the runny stools stopped, sickness stopped and his eczema started to clear up.

Even though we had answers things were still difficult, being on an egg, dairy, soya and wheat free diet were tough, it took time getting used to it, finding things he could tolerate and checking labels was very time consuming. There were times he would break out and have runny stools and I would be left confused and wondering why but after a couple of months things settled down and we got used to his new diet.

We were told to try him on soya/dairy every now and then to see if he had out grown the allergies but no luck yet, he will break out in eczema and have runny stools and sickness.

He had a check up at one years old where we were told to continue with the egg, soya, dairy and wheat free diet and we are to go back next February just after his second birthday to get the skin prick tests re done. He was taken of the Nutramigen at this appointment and put onto Oatly oat milk. He broke out in eczema and had runny stools with mucous again, after reading the ingredients the only one we could see in it which could cause it was rapeseed oil, we did some research and switched him to a brand without rapeseed oil and it cleared up straight away. Any time he has something with rapeseed oil in it starts again so we avoid that now too.

Being on such a restricted diet is hard but once you are used to the ‘can have and cant have’ it gets easier, people ask “what does he eat”? and “how does he survive”? I thought the same at first but there is quite a bit he can have and what he never had before he cannot miss.

If you think your child may have an allergy push for testing, it worked for us.



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