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Stephanie & Jasmines Story

Sharing your stories – Allergy Awareness Week 2014

Stephanie is mum to 2 children, Jalen age 5 and Jasmine age 4.  She has kindly shared her story with me to share with you all as she wants people in the same situation as herself to know they are not alone.

Here is her story…

I didn’t have a good childbirth experience with my son who ended up in SCBU when he was born, however we managed to get through it.  Nothing though prepared me for the experience I was going to have with my daughter.  I had an emergency C-section with Jasmine but the aftermath was fine.  She was breastfeeding fine, developing well, no real issues until I started weaning her at 6 months.  Her 1st food was baby rice mixed with breast milk which, she didn’t fancy so I tried her with the pre-made packet from the supermarket.  I mixed it according to instructions and placed her in the highchair hoping she would take this better.  Jasmine took a spoonful, swallowed and almost immediately began projectile vomiting! I was shocked but then her face started swelling and she began crying.  Her lips were getting bigger and immediately I knew she was showing anaphylactic symptoms.  I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the piriton from my medicine cupboard and ran back.  By this time she was struggling to cry, I grabbed her and started pouring piriton down her throat.  My heart was pounding and I called the ambulance.  I put the phone down after speaking to them and ran outside with her.  By this time she wasn’t very responsive and I had my 1 year old who was crying as he couldn’t understand.  My husband was at work and I felt so helpless and frightened.  The paramedics turned up and immediately injected her with an epi-pen, put oxygen on her and whisked us to the hospital.  This was the beginning of my journey with Jasmine’s allergies. 

 A little soon after that, we learnt that she was allergic to Dairy, Eggs, Nuts, Fish and Soya.  I remember thinking “what do I feed her” and “how am I going to cope” but at the same time, I thought God knows I can deal with this, she is my beautiful baby girl so just get on with it and this is what I have done.  It has been such a learning experience.  Lots of hospital visits, skin prick tests, blood tests, severe skin eczema secondary to her allergies and Jasmine generally being a sicker child than my son.  Jasmine has also had 2 further hospital admissions due to anaphylactic reactions to food. 

 The way that I have learnt to cope with this is by educating myself.  I am determined to make sure that Jasmine is having nutritious foods and a balanced diet.  I have joined many websites, read blogs and joined groups on Facebook which have other parents/guardians who are in similar situations and we share experiences, recipes etc.  Anyone who comes in contact with Jasmine gets the ‘talk’ about her allergies and how to use the epi-pen and I feel confident overall with her. 

 Life still isn’t plain sailing, the next hurdle is Jasmine starting school this September but with God’s grace and the support of friends/family, I know we will get through this.  

A big thank you for sharing your story with us Stephanie.



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